3 Air Duct Cleaning Basics Every Property Owner Must Know


A malfunctioning HVAC system causes distress and is extremely annoying. Returning to home from work on a winter evening and finding that the HVAC system is not working efficiently seems extremely frustrating. Clogged filters are one of the most common causes behind dysfunctional HVAC. A choked filter is your HVAC system’s desperate cry for help. Failure to address the concern within time can lower the HVAC system’s performance drastically, and expose the occupants of building to major health issues. To help you breathe easily, Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning provides superior air duct cleaning services in Santa Rosa. Ensuring proper functioning of your HVAC’s air duct is not a rocket science. Cleaning air ducts is a simple exercise. Now, let’s take a look at some of the HVAC cleaning basics.


Many experts recommend cleaning ducts every year, while, some others suggest conducting the exercise after every three years. The frequency of cleaning varies and depends on a number of factors such as usage of HVAC systems and your location. Lowered air quality in your building indicates it’s time to get HVAC cleaned. Check ductwork regularly to be 100 percent sure. Feces and nests left behind by pests act as red flags. If you find debris and dirt blocking the path ensure to take a good look at the duct and clean it immediately.

Tools of the Trade

For simple jobs, you won’t need more than a screwdriver, a vacuum with a hose, a brush paper, towels and a broom to collect dust. If, however, you haven’t cleaned the duct for a long time and expecting to have a job on your hands then, prepare and keep a solution of bleach and water handy. To avoid safety issues you can use protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, and pollution masks.

The Procedure

Vacuum the floor near HVAC system to remove the debris surrounding your duct. Use the screwdriver to remove the grates covering your duct. Thoroughly clean the internal parts. Your vacuum hose should not come in contact with the duct’s filters as, it can cause damage. Check and fix any loose connections. After it’s done, place the grates back in their position. Clean the grates thoroughly before signing off.

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Cleaning your air ducts regularly is a simple task, considering, that you have the experience of performing this activity. However, under no circumstances you should try to tackle mold issues. If you consider yourself ill-equipped for the job or don’t have enough time then, call us at (707) 795-7219 or you can request an appointment or estimate by filling out our contact form.