Heater Repair

Heaters and Heating Systems Repairs


We can repair any brand of heaters or heating systems for both residential and commercial customers.

Is your heater not working or inconsistent?

We can help. As always, we offer free estimates for the repairs of your heater or furnace. Rest assured that we guarantee our repair work on your heater or heating system. We will not sell you parts you do not need. Our team believes in old fashion customer service and getting it done right the first time around!

Santa Rosa HVAC Services

Heaters and Heating Systems Maintenance

We offer customized maintenance plans for your home heater, furnace or your business heating system.

Why Maintenance?

The life of your heating and cooling unit is significantly extended when worn out parts are replaced and filters are regularly changed. When we visit a home we do a mini-home audit and look at amperage, pressure and temperature readings that show us how well your systems are running and will perform in the months ahead. In addition to increasing the life span of the equipment this reduces energy consumption and repair costs.

Feel free to call us anytime for a free and accurate assessment of your current heating systems. We want to help you save money and energy, replacing old and worn down home equipment and or parts will save you costs for years to come like by installing Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) units.