The Impact of HVAC System on Human Life


HVAC systems can have a major impact on the comfort of the occupants of a building. Modern buildings are designed while keeping energy conservation concerns in mind which means there is very little natural exchange of outdoor and indoor air. The building design makes the HVAC system an essential addition to any modern building. HVAC systems keep the interiors of the building at a comfortable level through the year.

A well-designed HVAC system can keep the operating costs at an optimum level while maximizing occupant comfort. Keeping the occupants of a building comfortable can help to improve their productivity and concentration. Keeping a check on the comfort levels of the environment of the building also impacts the operating costs associated with the HVAC system. Here are some factors that can further impact these costs.

  • Humidity Levels – The level of humidity in the building can impact the temperature that is ideal for the building. On a day with more humidity, the temperature should be set lower for maximum comfort, and on a day with low humidity, a higher temperature should be ideal.
  • Air Drafts – Excessive air drafts in the building can impact the efficiency of the HVAC systems. Any building areas with excessive drafts should be checked and modified to reduce air flow.
  • Window Orientation – The position of windows in a building can impact the comfort levels of the occupants. The windows can be modified by using double panes or thick curtains for maximum HVAC efficiency.
  • Different Indoor Building Conditions – Poor building design is one of the primary reasons for a difference in the indoor temperatures of the building. If the humidity sensors, CO2 sensors and thermostats are not calibrated, it can lead to large variations in the environment of different areas of the building and add to the HVAC costs.
  • Occupant Preferences – Building managers need to keep in mind the comfort levels of the building occupants. Adjusting the temperature according to the preference of the occupants can help to save on the operating costs and improving the comfort of everyone in the building.

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