Tips to Keep your Central Heating System Working Properly in the New Year


A central heating system, commonly placed in the basement or a garage, is made up of a single centralized heating system that converts energy into heat, which is ultimately transmitted in the house via vents or ducts. Like any other home appliance or object, your central heating system also requires regular cleaning and maintenance to guarantee optimal functioning. So, in order to avoid any system failure this upcoming winter, and to ensure trouble-free operation of your central heating system, you can consider using the professional HVAC maintenance services, one of the best ways to protract the life of your central heating system.

With many HVAC contractors in Petaluma to choose from, Enviro Heating & Air is one of the top-rated HVAC contractors to offer high-quality heating and air-conditioning services. You can choose them to ensure peak performance of your central heating system in addition to cutting down on your energy bills and saving money in the long run. The following tips will help you to maintain your central heating system, and keep it working properly.

Regular Filter Check-Up

Regular filter checks can optimize your system’s efficiency alongside enhancing the air circulation and quality. Dirty filters may obstruct the airflow and prevent the warm air from circulating in your home. Thus, it is recommended to change the filters of your heating system at least two times a year in order to avoid clogged systems. You can also consider replacing your old filters with disposable filters that are inexpensive.

Cleaning the Pilot Light

In addition to regular maintenance of system filters, cleaning of heat exchanger surfaces is also essential. If you own a gas heating system, then always make certain that the pilot light is clear blue. In case of accumulation of dust in the system, you can use a wire brush to clear the gas release area and compressed air can. However, make sure that the gas flow is shut, and the thermostat is turned off before you attempt to clean the pilot light.

Cleaning Vents

Cleaning vents is another essential maintenance issue because any obstruction in the vents could stop the warm air from flowing. So, make sure to clean all your vents and exhaust system at regular intervals, and keep them free of dust and debris.

Well, these are some inexpensive tips that will maintain your central heating system along with allowing it to operate efficiently for a longer time. In case of any professional help regarding HVAC maintenance, you can consult Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning for its specialized HVAC contracting. You can call us at 707-795-7219 or fill out the form below to connect with us and get a free quote.