Top Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality by Our Santa Rosa Duct Cleaning Services Team


While many people worry about pollution outdoors, it’s the quality of the air in your home that can have a greater impact on your overall health. Enviro Heating & Air has many years of experience providing Santa Rosa with air duct cleaning services.
In our latest post, we’re highlighting several top tips to improve indoor air quality.

Keep windows open when possible

Having clean air circulating throughout your home is the best way to ensure high air quality. And so, keeping your windows open can allow cleaner air inside. It also ensures the pollutants have a way of leaving the home. Just keeping your windows open for as little as 15 minutes per day can make a big difference.

Ensure your home is tidy

An untidy home can be the ideal environment for dust and other contaminants. If you don’t remove this dust, it can be sucked into your air duct system and then transferred throughout the property. Make sure you keep your home neat and tidy to help limit the spread of dust, germs and other dangerous contaminants.

Keep the humidity level low

Moisture is one of the leading causes of health issues in the home. The presence of moisture in walls and carpeting, and around furniture can lead to mold growth. Using a dehumidifier and keeping the moisture levels in your home low is the best way to safeguard against these common health problems.

Clean ducts every six months

It’s recommended that you work with a qualified Santa Rosa air duct cleaning services team to have your air ducts cleaned every six months. Contaminants can often settle within the air ducts and once they settle, it’s very difficult to remove them without expert assistance. Our team at Enviro Heating & Air can guide you through the air duct cleaning process.
Our experienced team at Enviro Heating & Air is offering affordable air duct cleaning services across Santa Rosa. To discover more about our company and our comprehensive cleaning services, call us today.