What Should You Do if Your HVAC Unit Is Leaking?


We generally don’t pay any attention to our electrical home appliances until they stop working. In other words, we tend to take them for granted, and often delay their maintenance services dates until they show any sign of malfunctioning. This reminds us of the fact of how our daily life is dependent on these electrical appliances.

This also stands true for our HVAC systems which are the most helpful ones for creating a cozy environment in our home. They are the appliances that truly make our home ‘sweet home’. But like other appliances, they too can have some functional issues like wearing of internal parts, and most commonly, water leakage. Let’s understand the major reasons behind the leakage from HVAC units, and their possible remedies!

Clogged Drain Pipe – At times, a clogged drain pipe can result in overflow of AC drain pan. This is one of the most common causes of water leakage. The drain lines can be clogged due to rust, dirt, debris or algae. The best way out here is to call the HVAC professionals at Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning to vacuum out the excess dirt from the pipes.

Disconnected Drain line – At times, the technicians fail to cement the PVC fitting properly. Over a period of time, the fittings tend to get loose, disconnecting the drain pipe from the AC unit. This will result in water leakage on the floor or through the ceiling. If you find that the PVC fittings are intact, there can be a problem with the main unit, and you should get it checked.

Condensate Pump – Many times, the condensate pump is either broken or out of order, disabling its ability to outflow the excess water. This leads to waterlogging at a place, and leakage from the AC unit itself. You can do a self-test by pouring water into the condenser pan to check if it forces out the water. If it fails, you must call the HVAC contractors in Santa Rosa for corrections.

Pressure Overload – You must inspect the AC unit vents to check if they are blocked or clogged. This can also be a major reason for water leakage. If you find any leakage, you can fix it by ensuring the vents are clean, and open for air to pass.

All these are known to be minor issues until they are left unattended for a considerable period of time. In other words, these petty issues can be solved or rather prevented with a regular HVAC maintenance service. Taking these minor problems lightly can cost you high as the damage increases with time. If you have now become aware of your need for a professional HVAC maintenance check-up, feel free to call the best service providers at 707-795-7219.